John Clark
Clarinet, Saxophone
Born and raised in Natick, John Clark began playing professionally in the Boston area as a substitute with various dixieland and big bands, including the Dixieland Strutters, the Legacy Jazz Band, Commonwealth Jazz, the New Black Eagle Jazz Band and the Paramount Jazz Band of Boston, with which he toured England and Wales in June, 1995. Clark also regularly appears with Lucinda Ellert's Happy Feet Dance Orchestra, Dave Whitney and His Orchestra and Robin Verdier's Monte Carlo Jazz Band. He performs with the Mood Elevators and can be heard on their CDs as well. He has also played and recorded with Ross Tucker's Hot Cat Jazz Band of Connecticut and with the Back Bay Ramblers, appearing at numeous Jazz festivals in Canada and the U.S. with each.

Jeff Hughes
Cornet, Trumpet
Jeff Hughes (dubbed "Mr. Melody" by Ray Smith) has made a name for himself as a Bix-styled cornet player in the Boston area with the Paramount Jazz Band of Boston, New Yankee Rhythm Kings and numerous other groups. By day, he is a mild-mannered marine biologist, but by night he is the leader of both the Brahmin Bellhops and Lost In The Sauce, and is also a disciple of Bunny Berigan.

Tom Boates
Tom Boates has been active on the Connecticut jazz scene for a number of years and has toured extensively with both the Hot Cat and Hot Jam bands. As a career school teacher and band director, Tom is uniquely qualified to deal with the rest of us. Tom's playing, singing and arranging talents are all invaluable to the Wolverine Jazz Band.

Ross Petot
Ross Petot is a familiar presence on the ragtime festival circuit, but here shows that as a band pianist he has few equals. In addition to working with the Wolverines, Ross also plays regularly with Stan MacDonald's Blue Horizon Jazz Band and records with the Back Bay Ramblers.

Jimmy Mazzy
Banjo, Vocals
To fans of traditional jazz, Jimmy Mazzy needs no introduction. Suffice it to say that he has been a central part of the jazz scene in New England for many years and his presence in the Wolverine Jazz Band has been a key part of our success. Jimmy plays regularly at the Colonial Inn (Concord) and Angelica's restaurant (Middleton) and travels extensively with Eli Newberger, Butch Thompson and the Paramount Jazz Band of Boston.

Rick MacWilliams
Rick, the co-founder of the Commonwealth Jazz Quartet, has been lending his talents to Jazz groups in the area since the 1960s. Prized for his faultless rhythm and harmonic sense, Rick also brings to the band a wealth of experience both as player and leader.

Dave Didriksen
Dave Didriksen, another Chicago native, also plays with the Happy Feet Dance Orchestra and is considered one of the most versatile drummers playing in the hot dance style. While he is an expert on the stylistic elements, he never sacrifices swing.

Henry "Thins" Francis
Henry has played and recorded extensively in both the U.S. and England (as part of Richard Sudhalter's Anglo-American Alliance). Currently leading his Swing Legacy, Henry is also active as a piano soloist. As a solo pianist, Henry purveys a unique mix of stride piano classics, Duke Ellington compositions, tasteful pop songs and show tunes from 1920-1950 rendered in the musical style of Fats Waller (hence the name "Thins").

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